Health and Wellness

Our Health Plan

Health and wellness at Camp Talooli begins before campers even arrive at camp. Each child is required to have a health form filled out and turned in at least two weeks before coming to camp for the first time. Both Day campers and Resident campers are required to complete the health history and shot records portion of the form at the very minimum.

Our medical staff is comprised of one or more RN's who reside at camp on a rotating basis. Upon arriving at camp, each camper is informed where the nurse can be located if s/he needs medical attention. The camp nurse is available to address any medical issues, to dispense medications, and to make sure our Health Plan is carried out on a daily basis. 

Any medication your child may need to take while at camp must be given to the nurse or camp director in the original prescription bottle. A doctor's signature on our form must accompany any medicine brought to camp (including Tylenol), explaining the dosage. The medication can only be dispensed according to the doctor's written directions.

Upon arrival at camp each camper will meet with the camp nurse and/or director to discuss the information on the child's health form, whether or not anything has changed since it was submitted, and the health of the child at the time of arrival 

We encourage open communication between parents and our directors so that we can serve your child the best way we know how and also so that we can work to accommodate any special circumstances or needs your child may have. Proper care and supervision of campers is our primary aim. 

Parents will be notified by phone if their child has received an injury resulting in broken skin where a tetanus shot may be recommended. Parents will also be notified if their child is running a fever above 101 degrees or vomiting.


Safety at Camp

Camp Talooli is licensed by the Oswego County Health Department and accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This accreditation means that Camp Talooli has volunteered to adhere to a minimum set of ACA guidelines pertaining to health and wellness, programming, human resources, strategic planning, transportation, and food service. 

The ACA guidelines help us to maintain a nationally recognized standard and to provide the best camp program we can. Every three years, visitors from ACA visit us to observe and "grade" our camp program. Not only has Camp Talooli been accredited by the American Camp Association for over twenty years, but we have also received a perfect score for most of those years. 

Camp Talooli was also recently awarded the Markel Insurance Safety 1st Designation. 

Before campers arrive, our staff is on site for a week of training. During this week they are trained in different areas pertaining to the safety and well-being of campers.  We take this opportunity to stress the importance of maintaining a high safety record at camp. Staff are trained in risk management, camper behavior, child development, programming, supervision of campers, and they become familiar with our Health Plan. Additionally we have many staff who have completed CPR and Red Cross training, EMT classes, and life guarding certifications. 

Our staff training includes how to approach and greet anyone who comes onto camp property whom they do not recognize, and to connect them with the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director. While camp is in session our staff makes it a priority to assure that each camper is mentally, physically, and emotionally safe while at camp.



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